Meet These Five LGBTQ+-owned Businesses Changing the Food System

These five LGBTQ+ organizations are working to positively impact food systems both locally and nationally to create more inclusive kitchens, farms, and communities. LGBTQ+ people have had an enormous impact on our food systems but continue to be underrepresented in historical and popular narratives surrounding the history of food in the United States. To the contrary, the LGBTQ+ community and its members are key members of these systems, as farmers, food systems activists, or nonprofit leaders. Learn more about and support these LGBTQ+ organizations below who are driving change in their communities. 

Cultivating Change Foundation, San Francisco, CA 

The Cultivating Change Foundation brings together agriculture industry professionals, leaders in agricultural academia, and allies to create a more equitable industry environment for LGBTQ+ folks in agriculture. At the Cultivating Change Summit, these different groups get together to discuss best practices and figure out new ways to include all sexual orientations and gender identities/expressions within the greater agriculture industry. 

Interlocking Roots, United States 

This network of self-identifying queer and transgender Black and Indigenous people of color (QT*BIPoC) farmers, foodies, educators, and earth stewards organizes gatherings over digital platforms like social media and in-person platforms like Allied Media Conference to offer safe spaces for members of the community working in the food industry to connect.  

Lesbian Natural Resources (LNR), Minneapolis, MN 

LNR is a non-profit dedicated to supporting community land projects for the Lesbian community. They assist in obtaining and maintaining shared resources and land and provide training on skills of self-sufficiency to live off of the land. Ultimately, they aim to bring together Lesbians of differing ages, classes, races, etc. to further develop their community, preserve the land, and live and work together without oppression. 

Southern Solidarity, New Orleans, LA and New York City, NY 

Mobilized by a queer Black woman during the pandemic, Southern Solidarity is a volunteer-driven community organization that coordinates the sourcing, packaging, and delivery of food, medical resources, and basic needs to unhoused people in New Orleans seven days a week. They have since expanded their efforts to fight food apartheid in New York as well. 

The Okra Project, New York City, NY 

The collective delivers healthy and culturally appropriate meals to Black transgender people experiencing food apartheid. They also provide other mutual aid resources, particularly in Brooklyn.